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Visio Divina

Contemplative photography is my passion. I offer these photos as a spiritual discipline called visio divina. Visio divina invites you to encounter the divine through images.  Using a photograph as a focal point for prayer allows you to experience the divine in a unique and powerful way . Scripture can also be paired with the image in order for you to reflect on the scripture through the photograph.

I invite you to select a photo that appeals to you, and in a time of prayerful reflection, notice what it is that draws you into God's presence. Perhaps the following process, offered by Christine Valters Painter and Lucy Wynkoop, may be helpful for your experience:


Settle into stillness. Relish the silence and be aware of your desire to grow in intimacy with God. Gazing upon the Image

Explore the entire image with your eyes

Look more deeply at the different sections. Notice colors, shapes, figures, and symbols. Pay attention to anything in particular that captures your attention. Be aware of what calls you to deeper reflection. Let your eyes be drawn to this place and rest there.

Reflection on the image

Focus on the place in the image that captured your attention. Let it draw you more deeply into the experience. Invite it to unfold in your imagination. Notice if it evokes any memories, feelings, or other images. Become aware of what the image touches in you.

Responding to the Image 

What is the invitation behind the images, memories, and feelings that unfolded for you? How is God speaking to your life through this photo? What is the "yes" within you that is longing to be expressed?

Resting with God 

Release all the words and images that have been flooding your heart. Rest and be. Close your eyes and savor the darkness and sense of surrender to the depth and breadth of God.


Offer a prayer of thanks for the gift of this time and for God's presence in beauty and stillness.

Larry Glover-Wetherington

"God shows up in a different different settings."

-- Juan Luis Segundo

"Sometimes I arrive just when God's ready

to have someone click the shutter." 

-- Ansel Adams

P.S. There is  a "Buy Photos" button, which is only to purchase a print, for those who may choose to do so.  If you want a print, please email me at photo(at) so I may send you the full size file. These photos are scaled down for the website. Thank you.

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